Senator Isaye's office.

Preparations for effects.
Accumulating notes in tiny bundles of dry scratchy lines, brittle fiddlehead formulae, unfronded.
Memoranda for memoirs, swiped from unguarded hard drives.
The notes I have taken of Senator Que Isaye's investigations at the state college of art into the matter of Cloak.
- To hear cries and respond sensibly, to recognize that the distressed are caught in fencing and must be disentangled, bandaged, released—yes yes of course. But to raise the level of the customer base through policy—there,
and the slice backhand approach in all things.
Senator Isaye, elected at the conclusion of an independent write-in campaign funded by a single anonymous lottery winner, is the former manager of the convenience store at which the woman bought the winning ticket.
Ten million dollars and nine months' sobriety. She tried to keep a million dollars and is laboring now in another state under the tax penalties of her decision.