Only being plagiarized can rouse them to anger, yet they plagiarize constantly, unconscious of doing so. In fact they can recognize their own work but no one else's—thus their difficulty passing any art history course whatsoever. Our only hope is to socialize them into a state of heightened enthusiasm for sharing.
What is the difference between remembering something and making it up—
is one red and one green?
Is this perhaps a kind of color blindness?
Given unrecorded time, what has occured in unrecorded lives—all that is shut away in studios and closets, drawers and diaries—isn't it time to acknowledge the statistical probability that everything has been done fairly often?
The accidental recovery of a greater figure's discards—
this exquisite paranoia—
or the blissful lack of feeling that it would matter.
Plagiarism their natural habitat, look at these twelve sculptures called Nemesis, bewildering. To say, in a firm voice—
Look over there, look at that road. That is your road. Leave this road that he was on first, leave his road, and go over there to that road, which is yours—
is simply not enough when there are no roads, only spontaneous multilateral inventions, like the throat-clearing giggles once perfected by consumptive girls.