An exercise: cast all observations in metaphorical terms—anatomize—cease straightforward analysis and representation in favor of collation and collage.
Paint and decorate old broken appliances, turn scarified frying pans into art for the walls, from my own broken crockery fashion my own and better investment.
Seek refuge from the necessary unoriginality of idea within the exploding multicapacity of form.
Other questions that might be posed in connection with the curriculum of the state art school:
  • Do some representations preclude analysis?
  • How valuable is the study of nature when it is necessary to drive to it?
  • Is it still necessary to see Europe? If so, is it still possible?
  • If something should be in a museum why isn't it?
  • What is not performance art?
  • How much has confessional poetry to answer for?
  • The gulf between having the wish to say something and having something to say--how wide is this gulf, what gases make up its atmosphere? Is it like a canyon, with a bottom, or is it like the distance between two bodies in space, say between a planet and its sad flagged dumped on moon?
  • Beautiful surroundings are imperative. Does it follow, however, that there must exist training centers where the production of difficult and anti-social art is actively encouraged?
  • The twin urges, to possess and reproduce—is the art market a biological entity?
  • Should more make their own art and fewer buy?
  • What has value if it can be replaced?
  • What are the fruits of labor and do they matter?
  • Is there any sense in paying attention to criticism?