In the kitchen Constance encounters Dottie, whose removal from the Girls School teams was stipulated under the terms of its reinstatement into the varsity conference. Lately Dottie has been muttering about pursuing leads to the clandestine blood sport teams of the Pacific Rim--she feels she was used by Girls School. Her baleful green eye glares reference to her eyepatch; her hugeness, balked, is seething. She has eaten human ears, but off the field she shuns the flesh of animals religiously: tonight she is preparing a five-egg omelette and half a loaf of toast for her evening meal. "Vegan bitches," she observes to Constance, "are crazy bitches." Constance's polite agreement is sincere. She takes the lamb chops out of the refrigerator as Dottie continues: "Bit one bitch once, rugby bitch, bitch bled on the field. Tackled the next bitch, Vegan bitch, falls in the blood, no connection, bitch wants a dietary foul. Got it too, umpire bitch." Constance is about to commiserate when her lover walks into the room.

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