Back pain crisis state two days after seeing her,
inhibited love-longings precipitate a physical emergency with complete closing of roads and shutdown of services,
the russian roulette of long weekend fantasy ending sooner or later in the torture chamber of recoil--
it escalates quickly with me boyo
words of warning to my haplessly belated sender of self-care.
Her attractive pain, I want to be uxorious,
I want one of those rich unhealthy pleasures all my own
in a home of some spaciousness, all alone with my tireless own one. Unwisely detouring through hornet-hung orchards of unharvested lust,
the squeaky wheel of ego wants a grease of girl,
ends up requiring aloe salving.
Thus friendships in the suburbs and the lazy venial veering side to side across the lanes of calcifying weekends,
stringing hours of solitary smoking outside under unsmudged skies,
spinning wishes beading bones on knots,
a macrame of back pain emerges and depends.