The life of wine, flowing through a people tied to earth by a vine,
enjoying the luxury of loam
and choking through a lifetime of ejaculations. Exhausted but unawakened, ivy growing to the ground,
a deflated canopy, a defeated vertical
belated ivy feeding contentedly from the ground, brilliant in its season,
the first to go in any clearing.
To be an eyelash-batting figment or a bee she backhands at, not just another other.
Her attractive pain, I'm throwing protons at the situation
the counters go haywire, a glowing commences. How is this program being funded?
In my collection I keep the most fulgurate of her remembered glances safely encased behind lead.
Side guages indicate that they are still sparking
there are no means of disposal
all is pollution, only she can free the sword.
Her attractive pain, happy to see me sometime,
when is obscurity.